Kartell has teamed with Italian fashion label No. 21 to create a new shoe style for the next spring season. Alessandro Dell’Acqua, founder and creative director of the Milanese upper contemporary brand, designed a flat sandal featuring a chunky sole and a feminine bow, which pays tribute to No. 21 shoes launched last season. In keeping with Kartell’s core business, the sandal, called “Knot,” is realised using plastic in a glossy variation for the knot, while the sole has a mat finishing.

“It was challenging to recreate the knot using a material like plastic,” said Dell’Acqua, who is at his first co-branding project with his N°21 brand. “All the knots are made by hand and Kartell showed to have the best technical skills to realize a product which looks beautiful, I think.”


Those beauties are available in 4 colours SHOP @

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